White Sox Games
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White Sox Game - July 9, 2022 - Bottom 8th, Top 9th
Sox leading Detroit 8-0
Position player pitching to rest the bullpen.
Kody Clemens (son of Roger Clemens) makes his
2nd career pitching appearance - both vs ChiSox.
Again, eephus balls galore
White Sox Game - July 4, 2022 - Bottom of 7th
Crazy 7th inning - condensed version
New York blows appeal on Jose Abreu hit-by-pitch
Gavin Sheets hit-by-pitch
REALLY bad baserunning by Yoan Moncada
and pinch-runner Adam Engel
Inning ends with triple play scored 8-5
First time in MLB history
White Sox Game - June 15, 2022 - 8th, 9th Innings
Sox murdering Detroit - position players pitching
Featuring Kody Clemens- son of Roger Clemens
Eephus balls galore
White Sox Game - June 11, 2022 - Bottom of 4th
w Ukulele Moonshiners
The Ukulele Moonshiners were playing outside at Sox Park(!)
pre-game as part of a Hawaiian shirt promotion.
See UkuleleMoonshiners.com for more details